My commissions are currently closed.

If you would like to have a drawing made, send me an email to and let me know what kind of drawing you would like to have (size, coloured or black and white etc). For a portrait drawing I also need a good quality reference photo(s) of the subject. Perfect reference photo would be sharp, well lit and the subject should not be too far away from the camera so that the details will show well.

If you would like to have multiple subjects in the same drawing I recommend A3 as a drawing size so that all the details will be captured well . My prices are based on one animal or horse and rider so in case of multiple subjects please ask for a quote. 

Depending on a subject I might add a bit colour to the background but otherwise I will not draw backgrounds unless it is requested. For more complex backgrounds additional charge will be added to the price.

Drawing process

Duration of the drawing process depends on the size and complexity of the drawing. A4-size drawings take approximately 15-30 hours (two to four weeks) to finish and A3 size drawings 25-45 hours (three to eight weeks). 

During the drawing process I will send work in progress photos of the drawing to client's email and also to Instagram (unless the drawing is a gift in which case I will publish the drawing only after the drawing has been safely gifted). During the drawing process it is possible for the client to provide suggestions and/or corrections regarding the drawing to ensure the 100% satisfaction to the finished piece.

Payment and delivery 

When the drawing is finished, I will send a photo of it to the client's email for approval. At that point minor changes are still possible. After the drawing has been accepted, I request a payment through PayPal. After the remittance is made I will pack the drawing carefully to make sure that it reaches you in perfect condition.

If you have anything t ask about the commissions, send me an email to I'm happy to answer your questions!